Cacao and Fitness

Cacao and Fitness

Not only is cacao a nutritious superfood but recent studies have linked cacao to an increase in energy and endurance with exercise. How does cacao boost energy for your fitness workouts? Cacao actually helps to produce more energy within the muscles.

istock-000018556181medium-773d.jpg-cropper-1400x648-1024x474The flavanols found in cacao have shown to increase the amount of mitochondria production within the muscle – mitochondria are responsible for energy so cacao increases the energy within your muscles. A professor at UC San Diego and one of the scientists published in The Journal of Physiology concluded that cacao “induces an integrated response in skeletal and cardiac muscles resulting in greater endurance capacity. The more functioning mitochondria a muscle contains, the healthier and more fatigue-resistant it is.”

In the study cited by, researchers explain that it only takes a very small amount of dark chocolate to experience a sustained increase in energy. Rather than munch on a dark chocolate bar that still contained some of the additives from milk chocolate, why not get the most impact and nutrition from 100% Pure Cacao? I would recommend adding cacao to a drink or smoothie before a workout or eat a spoonful of the grated 100% cacao bar.

On the health side, raw cacao is considered a superfood that is nutritious, rich in antioxidants, minerals such as iron, vitamins, and even 6 mg of protein per ounce! So, the takeaway is that if you pure cacao in its raw natural state, there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Whether you are looking for a healthy source of iron, protein or antioxidants, or you need more endurance and energy then raw cacao could be the perfect superfood for you.


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