Whittle Your Waist With Pure Cacao

Whittle Your Waist With Pure Cacao

Raw cacao has so many health benefits and is truly deserving in its title as a super food, but did you know that cacao can also help with weight loss goals? Adding raw cacao to your diet could enhance your weight loss results, as well as offering various other health benefits to support your body.

Raw Cacao can…

Provide essential chromium…

You might have already heard about chromium as an aid to weight loss, but did you know that raw cacao is naturally high in chromium?

Chromium is something that is often lacking in many of our every day diets, and works to naturally regulate our blood sugar levels. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the consumption of chromium and the increase of lean mass and decrease of fat in the body. A diet high in chromium can reduce fat and also help to increase muscle mass, helping to work towards a lean physique.

Enhance physical & mental well-being…

People often think of chocolate as a happy food, making you feel good when you eat it, but raw cacao can have the same effects, with out all the added sugar and processing.

There are lots of components in raw cacao that work together to improve both physical and mental health, which is especially beneficial if you are carrying out regular exercise as part of your weight loss programme.

Raw cacao contains: alkaloids, beta-carotene, proteins, leucine, linoleic, lysine, lipase and theobromine, all of which work towards improving physical and mental health to assist with weight loss.

Suppress the appetite…

Believe it or not, cacao is actually an appetite suppressant, and is added to many weight loss products to help control hunger pangs. For a completely natural way to help control your appetite and banish your habit to over eat, try a little raw cacao every day.

Enhance your mood…

We all know if you are restricting your diet you can suffer from mood swings, sometimes leaving you feeling down. Dieting would be easy if we didn’t struggle with our cravings and mood, but raw cacao can help to manage mood swings due to the high content of anandamide, a substance that induces euphoria. It also contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which is a mood enhancer, and so a little raw cacao a day can help boost your mood and get you through the day sticking to your diet plan.

Kill cravings…

A little of what you fancy goes a long way, and for many of us chocolate is something we find hard to give up. Adding raw cacao to your diet can help you deal with cravings, with out sabotaging your eating plan.

A serving of raw cacao a day can really help you overcome cravings, stopping you from giving in to super sugary chocolate or cakes and treats, helping you to keep seeing great weight loss results.

It’s safe to say that raw cacao is a great addition to the diet of anyone looking to slim down or become stronger and in better physical condition. Try eating a little Arawak raw cacao every day to assist with weight loss goals.


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