About Us

Arawak Pure Cacao has developed a novel method of processing cacao beans, which is fundamentally different to current processes used by the cocoa industry. We have done extensive research on creating new, organic processes and production techniques that will ensure the crucial plant compounds and elemental nutrients are maintained.

Our Team

Arawak Pure Cacao is managed and led by its founder Colin Francis CEO.  Colin has worked on the development of the business concept and the development of the novel process for over eight years, working full time for the past three years, getting to know every aspect of the business, the industry and its supply chain a cacao commodity implications.

He has run and managed his own high-level business change and risk management consultancy for over ten years prior to developing and researching Arawak Pure Cacao. Colin has a history of running complex programmes with multiple work-streams and subordinate projects with values of up to £80 million pounds. His expertise in managing organisational change and the resultant benefits whilst managing sophisticated programme risks positions him well to drive the business.  He has bought together with the team and managed the programme of work in a structure and the defined way that has allowed the company to be able to attract the high calibre of advisory and board support necessary to scale up the business quickly. The other members of the team are as follows.

Nova Pavel is in charge of IT, web development and Digital Marketing. Holly Talyor is a chemist and Nutritional expert who is also a qualified chef and has helped and advised ks on product development, nutritional value and production. Tara Epps manages the production and product development working closely with Holly and the particular members of the board who are experts in nutrition and formulation.

About Us

Arawak Pure Cacao is an ethical Natural Products company that manufacture innovative 100% natural, pure, organic and unrefined cacao products in the UK. We aim to become leaders in the research and development of innovative natural health products, pioneering fresh innovative ways of delivering ‘cell feeding’ nutrition to the body in an effective and tasty way. Our novel method used to create our cacao seals in the nutritional powers of cacao and proves to be fundamentally different from current processes used by the cocoa industry.

It is our belief that we have the power to create strong social outcomes as a part of our supply chain procurement process. Our novel process will have an impact that will provide competitive economic advantages to growers of cacao.

Research & Development

We are committed to developing a range of products high in nutritional value and active flavanols based on strong data, independently verified by experts in these fields. We are making positive progress in our ongoing research in regards to the power of cacao and its complex nutrients and flavanols. We are aware of the cutting edge research on cacao flavanols for medical research and are aligning our selves closely with this.

Our strong programme and project management experience means that we are well placed and have strong stable foundations to operate a model that enables us to commission research that will be necessary to innovate new and relevant nutraceutical products for new markets. Our professional and strategic partners have the analytical resources and expertise to enhance and add value to our product’s contents and our expert product knowledge as we refine our products and seek to validate claims about our products based on strong benchmark research.  This approach will allow us to be both capitals efficient through the maximization of resources and to pursue a multiple of channels to harvest the outcomes of our research which we will then be able to channel into innovative product development, marketing, branding and sales.






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