pure cacao

Pure Cacao has a rich history in human use spanning over two thousand years. Today there is a growing body of evidence from clinical and bench research that provides scientific validation of the use of cacaos derived phytochemicals as an effective approach to a number of diseases and medical conditions.



Cacao is a rich source of polyphenolic compounds which have a high amount of Flavanols, also known as  flavan-3-ols. Cacao is particularly  rich in catechins –  these include monomeric (-) epicatechin and (+) catechins, as well as oligomeric and poly proanthocyanidin flavanols.  Procyanidins represent a dominant class of proanthocyanidins.

It is these naturally occurring compounds that are the main group responsible for the antioxidant activity of cacao. The bitterness is due to the high levels of flavanols in cacao. Flavanols may influence the healing properties and have a wide ranging health benefits.

In addition to the polyphenols, cacao contains methylixanthine compounds, predominantly Theobromine and Caffeine. Theobromine possess the quality of being highly bioavailability. Cacao beans are also an extremely rich source of natural essential minerals.

Most  of these minerals impact on health and well being in isolation but together with the active bio compounds present in cacao they create synergistic compounds that have a major impact on the body. Our  radical and novel process enhances the availability of these beneficial nutrients and compounds by keeping them in their natural strength and form in a raw cacao format.