social impact

Our unique novel process is based on a key strategic interdependent relationship with our growers in order to create a bean to product supply chain. Our products and their impact will go beyond a superficial fair trade or social impact statement. We will build relationships based on the Social Return on Capital Employed both on supply derivation and end product delivery.


Our mission is to become the #1 boutique Nutratherapeutic brand in the world, offering unrivalled product satisfaction through transparency, choice, quality, honesty and service. We will achieve this by building our products around education and informed choices that will be synonymous with our brand.


Our goal is to have a positive impact on global health with our range of products, which have the ability to benefit everyone. We intend to do this by developing a range of innovative, natural products built on strong data and cutting edge research. We will always source natural organic ingredients wherever possible.


We are developing policies that will ensure that our supply chain is built on our desire to have a positive economic and social impact on the cacao farmers who supply us. We are progressive and will apply our innovative approach to our supply chain and to transfer as much knowledge and technology as possible. Our social responsibility policy will be based on a Social Return on Investment formula.


The existing cacao supply chain is focused on the traditional confectionery model for chocolate that is controlled by global majors. Though much of this knowledge is relevant, it may neither be sufficient nor appropriate for Arawak’s higher-value cacao products and unique process. The existing knowledge base will have to change and farmers re educated as to the needs of a new supply requirements for producing cacao.

Cocoa farmers scoop out cocoa beans in Assin Akonfudi, Ghana. The cocoa bean at this stage are covered in a juicy, fruity pulp. They need to be fermented and dried before they are ready for supply. The farms are certified by Rainforest Alliance and they supply their premium quality cocoa to Magnum Icecream.